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Our Story

Since 2020, healthcare has not been the same.  We are healthcare workers ourselves, each with years in acute care settings, including the first two years of CoVid in an Emergency Department in Clackamas, Oregon. Motivated by seeing healthcare providers across the system step up to care for others during CoVid, only to become depleted and disillusioned, we realized there has to be a different way to care for ourselves and each other.  What began as personal journeys to rejuvenate and heal, has grown to supporting other healthcare workers in their own quests for balance and authenticity.

Helping Healthcare Heal offers retreats as a way to nurture and inspire healthcare workers to connect with their best selves while providing CEs in beautiful and relaxing environments. 

Learning Objectives

Utilizing up-to-date research and dynamic, active, and engaging learning methods, you will come away with an awakened sense of your capacity, your values, and tools to develop resiliency. The number of CEs available varies, depending on the event. All CEs are approved by the CA Board of Registered Nurses, and some (indicated) by the National Association of Social Workers.

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Understand and differentiate common impacts on your spirit and clinical practice by choosing to work as a professional caregiver: burnout /  injury / compassion fatigue / secondary trauma / natural stress.

Identify the components of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and ways to anchor in openness.


Identify personal and professional values that guide choice and action and understand how to shift when your actions do not align with your values.


Develop strategies and personalized responses for regulating anxiety and stress through awareness of your own physiology.

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Identify ongoing strategies to prevent secondary trauma and burnout. Create a personal and accountable plan to sustain resiliency and connection to yourself, your work, and your patients.

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