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1 / COVID Protocols

Vaccines: Our staff is vaccinated, and we highly encourage our guests to be vaccinated and boosted before traveling. 

Testing: To minimize the risk of spreading COVID in a group setting, we recommend frequent testing with easy-to-use, over-the-counter antigen tests. Consider testing before leaving home and taking another test two or three days after arrival. Extra tests are helpful if you develop symptoms during the week. Self-tests are not available in Mexico; please bring your own. A local lab does administer tests if needed. 

Masks: We follow the guidelines set by our state and federal health authorities and the CDC. Currently, face masks are optional. However, please be aware that this is subject to change. Our restaurant staff wears face masks when in contact with food and guests. We encourage guests to use face masks when serving themselves at the buffet. 

Assumption of Risk

When you register for a program, you agree to participate in an activity that may include physical, emotional, and psychological activity. Such activities always involve a certain amount of risk. In a group setting, the facilitators cannot always monitor your physical, emotional, and psychological limits, and your registration demonstrates your consent to take responsibility for assessing the risk any activity poses to you, and choosing a safe course of action for yourself.

By your registration, you affirm that you assume the risk and responsibility for any injuries or damages suffered by you arising out of your participation in a retreat.

2 / Cancelation Policy

$700 non refundable deposit due upon registration. No cancelations after 7/1/24. 

3 / Payment dates

$700 non refundable deposit due upon registration.

50% of the balance due on 7/1/24,

Remaining balance due 10/15/24.

4 / Packing List

Swim and beach gear: bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, flip flops

Comfortable & casual clothes for yoga, meditation & retreat activities  


Warm-weather clothes for daytime wear year-round.


Sweater and light jacket for evenings


Sneakers or robust walking shoes for hikes 


Re-usable water bottle and hot travel mug (for free purified water refills, coffee and tea) for taking water and coffee/tea to your room. You may also purchase on-site.


Personal toiletries, medication, mosquito repellent and sunscreen


Flashlight and optional reading light, binoculars, goggles, ear-plugs 


Your passport! Shuttle information will be mailed closer to arrival date and grouped by flight arrival times. Many of you will be on the same shuttle. 

Cash (USD or Pesos) for excursions, transportation & gratuities

Credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) for bar & spa

Please note, you need to decide how much cash you want to bring. There is one semi-reliable ATM in Chacala and each guest spends differently. There are ATMs in Penita, Sayulita and San Pancho if you take excursions and need more cash.


Change your USD to pesos at the airport as there is no money exchange in Chacala. 

CoVid self-tests

We provide

Beach towels

Unlimited purified drinking water, coffee and tea. 

Yoga mats and props provided but if you have a mat you like to travel with I suggest bringing it. The mats at Mar are not great (unless they have been upgraded)


In each room: hairdryer, safe, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hand & body soap, loofah, bath and face towels. 

If you would like to donate to El Jardin, our non-profit school, we need art + school supplies, such as:

White glue for crafts/wood/plastic 

Transparent tape (Scotch tape) 

Arts & Crafts supplies (beads, yarn, tie die, etc) 

Permanent markers & erasable markers for a white board 

Water colors, water color brushes, paper for watercolors 

Acrylic & water-based paints, and paintbrushes 

Educational books in Spanish and English 

Children’s literature in Spanish and English 

Kumon Math workbooks grades 1-6 • Math games 

Board games: Chess, Chinese checkers, Scrabble, etc. 

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